Romney Fleece

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  • Claire Clark says:

    Hello I was just told of your ad in spinoff magazine. I am wanting a polwarth fleece but but in a lighter shade as I would like to overdye it. I am not in any hurry for it. Could you advise if you will have anything or where I might get one. Congratulations
    on your beautiful winning fleece Claire Clark

    • finefibrefarms says:

      Hi Claire
      We now have a selection of fleeces available. We have just finished shearing so they are not yet prepared but if you are interested I can hold one for you before I put any in the shop.

  • Sue Edwards says:

    Dear Stuart, I visisted my sister in Thames last month and she had fleece from your farm. For unscoured wool to be imported into Australia it needs to be certificated and I have tried to understand the Aus website but have failed miserably. I recently returned with 120g unscoured flick carded very clean Corriedale and had that confiscated on entry – my scoured wool though passed the test. Do you know anything about certification and restrictions for Australia? If you can can you let me know what I need to do? many thanks

    • finefibrefarms says:

      Hi Sue
      Yes strange as it may seem Aussie are particular about greasy wool coming in. The cost of certification is approx $100. This makes small purchases very expensive. As you have found out if the fibre has been scoured and processed their is no Certification requirement.
      The certification can only be done by a licensed fibre premise. We are one of those.
      For your info we do have processed fibre.

  • virg0xen says:

    Hi there. What kind of discount?
    I’d be looking at getting 2 kgs if that was possible.
    Thank you 🙂