Fleeces Delivered

We sent fleeces to the West Coast on Friday and they arrived today ( Monday ) so currently we are still able to deliver fleeces.

Keep safe

Great News

We are still able to send fleeces or fibre up to 3kg around New Zealand if you are wanting something new to help fill in the days under lockdown. The only catch is that it cannot be to a RD address.

Combed top is now back in the shop for the converted and if you have not tried it yet it is worth spoiling yourself in these tough times.

To help people out there will be no added GST to any purchases.




Well what a situation we are in. I hope you are all well. I cant think of anything better to do in self isolation than a bit of spinning or weaving. As a result I have started to do a complete update of the fleeces in the shop. The Romney’s have been completely redone. With the show season having been cancelled a number of these fleeces are show fleeces.

Whatever you do please keep safe and follow the rules.



Lambing has been a disaster this year but their is a cute side. This is just some of the lambs we are feeding.

Great results

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Grand Champion Ewe at the New Zealand Show, Christchurch, November 2018

Web Site issues now resolved.

We have not been able to edit the sit for a number of months. This is now fixed.

This means that a lot of the fleeces were out of date so I have removed all of them to start again.

We have just finished shearing the ewes so have a large range for you to consider. If you need sommething urgntly for a project and I will gt it for you.

Winter Spinning

If you are wanting fleeces for the winter they are now all up in the shop. What you see is all I have in stock at present.

If you are wanting Polwarth combed top I will have it in the shop in the next week.

Dont Panic

We still have wool available. We have had such a lot of orders lately that I have sold all of the fleeces listed. There will be more available very soon.

Exciting Show Result

To be awarded Supreme Champion Black and Coloured Sheep at the Christchurch A & P Show was pretty exciting. It is the largest show in New Zealand and has reputedly the top breeders.







Fibre for the future.


Here it is and it has exceeded all expectations. It is so soft. There are only 2 colours, Light grey and Fawn. The grey comes in 4 ply, 8 ply and 12 ply and the Fawn comes in 4 ply and 8 ply. We could only afford the processing of the 2 colours. If we can successfully move this yarn then we will add 2 more colours in the next run.

So visit our shop and buy away

Exciting new yarn arrival.

Just arriving this week is a 1st batch of commercially spun yarn from our own Polwarth sheep. I am not aware of any other commercially spun natural coloured yarn in NewZealand. Watch this space.

Combed Top

While getting our new yarns processed we were able to retain some of the fibre as combed top. The quality is exquisite and even better is that we have been able to reduce the price. It should be in the shop next week.

A Difficult Winter Ahead

After a very dry summer we had a slight reprieve in the Autumn but only have limited grass on hand for the winter months. The sheep are already enjoying a good supply of sheep nuts each day but don’t like being behind the electric fence. All we can hope for is a mild winter.